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Maintenance Tips

For the maintenance of the cement mixers GICALLA the user collaboration is indispensable, the person who has the responsibility of the managing; besides the conservation and cleanliness of the machine that is fundamental.

The following recommendations have to carry out:
   - General lubrication, roller spindle and supports elevacanaletas twist: every 50 hours.
   - First oil change the gearbox and hydraulic system: the 250 hours of work.
   - Maintenance change the gear oil and hydraulic system to the 2,500 hours of work.
   - Our gearboxes SAUER use SAE 90 oil.
   - The hydraulic system (pump-motor) is maintained with oil SAE 10 or equivalent.
   - Keep in mind, as a rule, every oil change is also essential to change the hydraulic system filter.

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